Frequently Asked Questions


What is Entice the Senses?

Entice the Senses is an online community and store that allows artists and art lovers to both share their own works as well as share art that moves them. For us at Entice the Senses, art is a fluid term that describes anything that you use your creativity to create. 

Who is Entice the Senses?

Entice the Senses is everyone and anyone who visits and partakes in our website. Our current artists and curators are listed on our "About" page. 

Where is Entice the Senses?

Entice the Senses is based out of Portland, Oregon, USA and thus features many local Pacific Northwest Artists since that is in our immediate vacinity. However, Entice the Senses is a global community and if you would like to highlight any local artists in your area, please write to us at

I saw art that I liked, is there a way to purchase it?

Thank you for your appreciation of the art! If the artist has posted their own works, they are given the opportunity to leave their links to social media and stores in order for you to purchase their work. If you cannot find the link or are experiencing technical difficulties, please email